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Marketing your property

Everything from a single source, from rental to final cleaning

What should you know about renting your holiday home? We, the company Mayer Concepts, will briefly show what we can do to make renting your holiday home and / or apartment a profitable business.

Marketing the property

Are you wondering how do you generate new guests? Without the right steps in the field of marketing and sales, it becomes more and more complicated to rent out your own house or apartment well and to position it on the market.

Sometimes the competition never sleeps and has been getting bigger and more professional since various online portals appeared. It is therefore becoming increasingly important to position yourself and to build up a marketing mix of online, print and, above all, recommendations.

Portals and online partners for your holiday property

Digitization and the Internet are advancing all the time and so many vacationers book their vacation home online. A wide variety of portals have specialized in ensuring that your holiday property appears first on Google or other search engines. But which portals are there and what is most suitable for your property? Above all, what does this service cost and what does it do for the landlord.

We support you in this.

Guest service

The demands and wishes of the guests are increasing, especially due to globalization more and more guests from abroad and expect more than just a bed and a shower. We organize the perfect service for your guests. A kind of concierge service that takes care of everything from being picked up at the airport or train station to guiding on the ski slope.

We would be happy to tell you in a personal conversation which service suits your property, which standards should be or what constitutes real high-class service. This creates added value and sets you apart from the competition.

Damage from rental

We calculate the prices with you so that minor damage is also covered. In the event of major damage, we always have the respective credit card details and contact persons through the booking portals so that we can take recourse if necessary.

Payment processing vacation property

The payment processing remains in your hands, if you wish, and you can directly debit your guest's credit card. Other options exist via the partner portals. There is something for everyone here. We provide extensive information.

Holiday properties and tourist tax

In almost all holiday destinations, the guest has to pay a visitor's tax, which the municipality collects from the landlord. You will find out the exact regulations from us.

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