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The equipment of your property


The demands of holiday guests have risen continuously in recent years.

It has been shown that these properties that have better equipment also show a better occupancy rate, are rented out and requested much more frequently. What does it take?

A complete renovation or is it enough to carry out a soft renovation or simply to set peaks in the property to increase the equipment?

Which furnishings provide the perfect holiday feeling and whether a wood stove or underfloor heating warms the hearts of the guests and how you get the beds warm even in the off-season are goals we will accompany you with.


How much wear and tear and what additional costs will you incur with higher equipment?


We also show you what makes a good entertainment offer for the guest. From city guiding to skiing/hiking experiences, to advice on a perfect wellness program to create a unique position for your property.


It goes without saying that an international TV program and fast WiFi should be part of the standard program today, but another important feature of holiday homes and apartments is whether you are pet-friendly and how you treat guests and their four-legged friends.


With our concepts and our support, which we develop individually for you, we ensure that every guest feels comfortable in their holiday home.



chalet with fireplace
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