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Online portals, social media and websites

Good occupancy

In the long run, you can only achieve good occupancy of your holiday property if you provide various rules such as a dynamic price policy, an impressive online presence, and top service for the property you already have.

What is best for you, whether it is the online portals, newspaper advertisements, or the local tourist office, we will show you based on an analysis and provide you with the best tips about marketing your home.


Reviews-the A&O

Due to the increasing popularity of holidays with the host and no longer in the cold and sterile hotel atmosphere, the number of possible holiday homes and apartments is increasing. In order for your domicile to be discovered and found, extensive and continuous marketing is essential. Likewise, more and more guests rely on the reviews of other guests and if you are at the top of the ranking here you will be displayed at the top of the portals and thus achieve the greatest possible visibility.


Online marketing

The solution to reach a large number of customers quickly are online portals. Most holidaymakers are now looking for and booking their next vacation home online. It is therefore important that your holiday property also appears in the relevant search results on the Internet. Our Mayer Concept team will take care of setting up your property and marketing it in the respective portals.

Good to know:
Booking portals such as or Expedia are often chargeable and tied to a contract period, so we will be happy to advise you on which option suits your marketing.


Private homepage

A private homepage of your holiday home or apartment should definitely be created, as this is the online business card for your property and is essential. Numerous bookings can also be generated via your own website and guests and you do not pay any fees to portals through these bookings. Another advantage is that your guests can find out more about your property and make a decision for you even more easily. We would be happy to support or develop the right homepage for you.


On-site service by MC

Most holiday homeowners cannot always be there to take care of key handover, final cleaning, repairs, or concierge service. Therefore, Mayer Concept offers this service directly for you and your guests. To what extent you decide as to the owner


Marketing through social media

Marketing on social media should not be underestimated. Young people in particular orient themselves to Facebook, Instagram and Co. and can therefore also be a good opportunity to draw attention to your holiday home, to win new holiday guests, and to retain existing guests.

We will be happy to post pictures, photos of the property, or the destination for you through our competent team.

In this way, the guests can find out what's going on with you and you can build your own small community.


New customers through regular customers

If we have successfully positioned your property on the market for a number of years and have already generated regular customers, guests who like to come to your house, again and again, this is an advertising medium that is priceless, because word of mouth will bring more guests to you.


Advantages of regular customers and recommendation marketing
  • easy to plan as many regular customers book well in advance

  • Reliable sales, because many regular customers come back every year

  • Well-coordinated team: regular customers already know and love your holiday home/apartment. There are fewer queries and fewer complications.

  • Regular customers personally recommend you to nice new guests, etc.

  • This is one of the best and, above all, completely free marketing for your vacation home.


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